Conservation Strategies


With the continued emphasis on smart growth and sustainable environments, landowners and developers recognize the value of utilizing conservation strategies in land planning now more than ever.


By bringing clarity to the many complicated approaches to land management, BenchMark counsels owners on the use of various conservation tools that can enhance the development and financial performance of a project while also meeting their long-term goals.


BenchMark’s years of experience in land planning, design   management and marketing combined with its expertise in determining and implementing the most appropriate conservation efforts, make BenchMark a powerful support system for owners pursuing a plan of this nature. We offer a systematic approach to executing a conservation strategy and assist with the selection of various professionals whose services will be needed such as appraisers, engineers, land planners, surveyors, environmentalists, attorneys and accountants. Ultimately, we have the expertise and experience to deliver desired results.


After the development team has been assembled, BenchMark defines the scope of services needed from each discipline and coordinates their input into a comprehensive plan. Throughout the entire process, BenchMark assists owners in the management of the project to assure compatibility among team members, including the sharing of technology to foster the most efficient program at the least cost.






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